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  1. David Waddell

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    Dec 3, 2014
    Hello, is it better to have a wide range concerning the power supply? e.g 2v - 6v or 3v - 15v. And what would be the advantages and disadvantages of having a wide range. This is concerning the 7400 series and the 4000 series. Thanks in advance.
  2. shteii01

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    Feb 19, 2010
    The wider the range, the more parts you use.
    The more parts you use, the more space you need.
    The more parts and more space you need, the higher the price.
    The higher the price, the fewer units you sell.
    The fewer units you sell, the less successful your business.
    The less successful your business, the more likely you are to fail.
    End file.
  3. MrChips


    Oct 2, 2009
    If you are working with 7400 series logic, you need 5V ±0.25V.

    If you are working with 4000 series logic, 5V ±0.25V will do nicely.