Power Supply with an output of 12V using Silicon Controlled Rectifier

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Power supply 12V using SCR.JPG
Hello. I'm trying to resolve this circuit simulation by means of Multisim. Is there any problem with the connections? Somehow the fuse always breaks. I'm trying to get an output of 12V using scr + 4n25 optocoupler. Also, I'm trying to construct an actual circuit using this simulation. Any help would be much appreciated. The 0.24ohm resistor is the assumed load. I presume the output of the trigger is correct. I just copied the circuit diagram with little knowledge of it thinking it would produce a 12V output from AC to DC. Can you help me resolve the directions of the wrongly positioned SCRs?

Can you give me specific changes that I must do in order to get a 12V dc output? Much appreciated


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Did you read the User Agreement ?

It has these restricted subjects in it:

Restricted topics. The following topics are regularly raised however are considered "off-topic" at all times and will result in Your thread being closed without question:

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Your circuit is DIRECTLY connected to the mains and can NOT made safe.



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This is the exact same circuit, with the exact same wiring idiosyncrasies, that was posted before. As stated then, discussion of circuits involving transformerless power supplies connected directly to the mains is a violation of the User Agreement you agreed to when you joined (both times). Continuing to pursue this will result in a permanent ban.
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