Power Supply Hookup

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I had to rent some electronics equipment because I don't have the use of the campus equipment due to winter break. The DC power supply I was provided is much fancier than what I need and they didn't have a simpler one so I'm stuck with this one. It's a Hewlett Packard 6621A System Power Supply. I read the instructions, but it wasn't clear on how to hook up the wires for what I want. I just need a positive voltage from 0 to 5 volts and a ground. I'm not sure what's meant by "commoning". I've attached a photo of one of the back panel connections.


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You get your output from the +V and -V terminals. The +S and -S are for remote sensing the output when it is critical the voltage at a remote load is correct. If your application is not very critical leave the jumpers where they are and forget them.

+OV and -OV are for over voltage sense and suppression by shorting the output. You can probably ignore that feature too.

Therefor, just connect to the + and - V terminals and you are good to go.

BTW I found the full manual on yahoo first page when searching for the HP6621A numBer.