Power Supply for Ipod shuffle Clone.

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So my friend gave me this ipod shuffle clone and said it wont start because of not charching. So to see if its still working i connected it to my pc via usb and it detected the ipod (i could copy paste etc). Then after some tinkering i came to know it was the battery problem.Also the battery was rated 3.7v but no current capacity was stated. Then i disconnected the battery from the ipod and used the Arduino's 3.3v as power source and it worked, but frequently kept on restarting(maybe because of low voltage). I could now hear music playing. The question is If i use a battery from a mobile phone which is also rated 3.7v (but larger current rating) will the ipod get damaged? I want to keep the size of the ipod small but making it work is top priority. Looking forward for suggestions.


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You're ok to replace the battery for a bigger capacity, at the same voltage, it will take longer to charge up, and also take longer to discharge which is better.


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Do check the battery you used is of the same type, least you suffer a huge castristopic failure if it explodes or catches fire.