Power Supply Design question

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Hi all,

I am new to power suppl design at the workplace when it comes to SMPS modules.

Lately I have been wondering where my knowledge comes in to use when designing power supplies. This is because whenever I find a controller IC for whatever DC-DC converter I am designing, they already have a very well documented set of notes and schematics on how to design the power supply around their IC. Everything from values to circuit configurations is already there leaving little design for me to do while at the same time being confused as of how the controller actually works. Of course, I trust these design notes over my own knowledge since they are written by the IC manufacturer. This, of course, is not a good thing to me since I would actually like to build on my basic university knowledge and design my own power supply rather than plugging and chugging.

Would anyone have any recommendations when it comes to this?



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Go through the formulas and get numbers then compare to the design presented. Like in school. Data, formulas, results. Then use the reference design to check your work.

Years ago I took all the information and put it in a spread sheet on my computer.
Get the data you know; Vin=12 Vout=5 Iout=2
Collect all the formulas and put them down. Frequency = formula, Vout = formula, Current limit = formula.
Do all the work, not on paper but in your computer.
When you have this done, then next time you can change Vin from 12V to 24V and all the formulas will respond and give new numbers.

Making the work sheet in the computer helps you understand better. Very importantly is that it helps you create power supplies that are different than the examples.


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For several decades, Unitrode (now a part of Texas Instruments) had a series of seminars on detailed power supply design. TI has most of the books and handouts available, and they still are a great way to understand how switching supply controllers work, and how to design the magnetic components.