Power consumption of newer LCD/LED TV's (32 - 55")

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I'm trying to figure an average power consumption for LCD or LED TV's and there seems to be a wide range on power consumption. For 32" I've seen as low as 55 watts and as much as 162 and they all have speakers of 2x5 or 2x10, so there shouldn't be a lot of difference for the audio amp. The 42", 50" and 55" are all higher wattage obviously.

I'm trying to find out how much battery capacity will be needed to run 2 TV's from battery per hour. I'll also be running either a laptop or something like a raspberry pi with these and an 100w audio amp (2x50 or 4x25). So I'm guessing I'm looking at 300 - 500watts continuously - depending upon TV size.

I'm wondering if the best way to power this would be with a UPS backup running from a number of batteries in parallel or if I should look into an inverter for solar panels. I should be able to get high quality working UPS's for next to nothing though they may be a little old.