Power Amp Output Stage Design

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Dustin Huffman

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I'm trying to design a power amp that meets very specific specifications, but my specialty is more on the software and digital side of things, so I was hoping maybe someone here could give me some pro tips.

What I need to design is an output stage that can supply 10A RMS to a 60ohm load at frequencies between 1Mhz and 30Mhz. I'm using a THS6212 "Differential Broadband PLC Line Driver Amplifier" as the first stage.

I've done some research and I think a push-pull amp using either MOSFETs or IGBT's should be sufficient, with maybe a feedback loop to limit crossover distortion. Problem is, I've never designed one of these before and information about using IGBT's to design power amps seems to be hard to find on the web. I don't even know if what I've chosen is the most appropriate way to solve this.

I don't necessarily need anyone to solve this for me (though that'd be welcome too, lol), I'm more just looking for locations of good information I can use to help me meet the required specs. I could spend days researching this or I could just ask you guys what you think.

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What is the input?
What is the load?
What is the wave shape and distortion allowable?
What power supply is available?

Do you have a license for this transmitter?

This is not a trivial design and I would think it is best to look for a commercial device.
Here is a site with some pictures of a 1KW linear.
It is smaller than you are after.

10 Amps into 60 Ohms is 6KW. So I would think a 10KW linear amp is what to aim for.
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Dustin Huffman

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It's actually a side project for work. We're well aware that commercial might be the way we need to go, I was just tasked with figuring out if it was feasible to build it. All I can say about the input is that it's up to 30Mhz and comes out of the Line Driver Amp. It's not digital, so we're looking for a pretty decent signal to noise ratio and as small of crossover distortion as possible.

But yeah, we may just end up going with your suggestion and buying something off the shelf if this doesn't work. Thanks!