Potato Semiconductor Corp. (seeking alternatives)

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Potato Semi is (was???) a niche brand of very fast semi's, like logic chips.
Potato Semiconductor Corporation dedicates to developing chip to chip IO interface solution for high speed integrated circuits. We focus on GHz 74 logic, clock buffer, IO translator, bus switch & customized IO interface.
See http://www.potatosemi.com/
Certain DIY and hobbyists communities -- like audio, or gaming -- went out of their way to obtain their products. I believe they only had an eBay presence for non-industrial (non-contract) sales. But the eBay store has been defunct for 3 years, and although Potato's website is still up, there seems to be no way to acquire their products.
If anyone knows of:
(1) A way to order Potato semis
(2) A way to order semis similar to the speed and performance of Potato,
... please post resources in a reply.


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If they are no longer around, there must not have been much of a demand for their products.
Why do You think that You need such niche products ?

This sounds a bit fishy to me,
kinda like the "AudioFool" products that seem to constantly come and go,
with their "untouchable", adjective laden, so-called ""specifications"".