Possible to run an LCD monitor off batteries

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I work in photography and want to see if it would be possible to wire in the ability to use Anton Baur batteries to power an LCD monitor while in remote locations. I pulled the power board out so I could give you guys a view. After doing some reading I'm guessing it's mildly tough, but I can't imagine it's impossible. My guess is you need to power the monitor and the main board separately but I can't be sure. Any help, guidance or just plain "don't do it" with an explanation is welcome.

Thank you.

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A suitable inverter is going to be much smaller and lighter than the monitor (unless you find a REALLY small monitor).

If you REALLY want to dig into the monitor, then the answer is going to depend on the specific monitor model you are using. You are going to need to know exactly which circuits need what power type (voltage, current, frequency) and how clean it has to be. The people that designed the monitor did all that and packaged it in a very tolerant module. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't absolutely have to?

You can get monitors that only need about 10 W of power (probably even less than that if you look hard). You can get power inverters that fit in your hand, weigh less than two ounces, and will deliver 150 W of AC power and cost less than $20.

How much time and money are you willing to spend to kluge something together that might (emphasis on might) save a bit of space and a bit of weight and a bit of energy -- and that you would have to start all over if and when you decide to use a slightly different monitor?