Possible ? 2-pole ignition stator rewire to DC generator

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Old 2-cylinder boat motor cdi-ignition converted to 2-motorbike CDI(s) using 12v lead-acid battery.
Total cost $18 - compared to $120 as-is 50 yr old part.
Now wish to re-use two remaining stator coils as a battery charger. They are 180 degree stator-mounted charged by 180 degree flywheel magnets. Using the recoil pull starter, each produces over 20v to the old CDI capacitor(s).
How do I re-wire the two coils for maximum power to charge the small 4amp battery ?

I tried simple parallel + to +, - to - and a small 12v filament bulb lights up. I suppose that is called "pulsing DC" ?
Series wiring - to + to - to + and the bulb dimly flickers. I've been told thats "magnetic mojo" ;>)
Maybe a simple AC/DC (diodes&capacitor) on each coil, then combine their DC voltages into the 1v battery rectifier.
Maybe I'm in deep water (over my head).... HELP !


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You can't connect the coils arbitrarily unless both terminals of both coils are totally uncommitted.
Can you post a schematic showing how the coils are presently wired?