Polygon not connecting to pads(Kicad)

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I am working on a high current buck converter circuit using Sic466 Switching Ic with integrated mosfets. Unfortunately my copper planes are not attaching to any of the IC pads. I am using Kicad. Thanks in advance for your valuble suggestions.

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which specific ones you are talking about? i see that you are forced connection of two nets - GNDA and GNDPWR.

for pads to connect to zone without you drawing any tracks:
1. pad must belong to same net
2. pad must be inside the zone and on same layer
3. there need to be room for connecting the two (nothing in the way such as exclusion zones, PCB cutouts, other tracks, other pad clearances etc.)

for example pad 2 of C1 is surrounded by something with darker shade of red that is not part of Vin zone. so try to delete it and redraw the zone for Vin. also the spokes of thermal relief there are really TINY!!!