Ground plane / polygon pours for Altium or in general

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First of all I have already watched that one video by altium detailing this subject.
I am making a pcb for a flyback SMPS using a TinySwitch Series III. It is 2 sided and at this point I am only using surface mount components.

First I want to know if a ground plane or polygon pour would be a more effective heatsink for the TNY

Secondly if I do use ground planes should I use two seperate ground planes?(altium does not allow you to add a single power/ground plane) and if I do should I make it so the 2 planes don't "overlap" I know splitting ground planes is a point of contention

Thirdly If I use polygon pour to make a heat sink (like shown in the attatched image) would it be ok to still use a ground plane

I know this is three different questions but I figured Id just do it all in one go. So if you cannot answer all the questions thats perfectly fine.