Pneumatic and Hydraulic fault finding

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Hi there,

I'm looking for some help with homework I have. I have these 2 worksheets.

First worksheet is a pneumatic circuit with a fault - I need to know
what is the constructional fault in this circuit?
what is the operational fault in this circuit?

Could you please explain and how to fix this?


And my second worksheet is a hydraulic circuit with a fault - I need to know

What is the constructional fault in this circuit?
What is the operational fault in this circuit?
Why did the fault occur?
How to cure the faults?

Please can you describe these and tell me how to rectify?

Could you also state the components used for me please

Thank you. any help would be much appreciated82994cb22e024d8db5230ad1251dccdc_A.jpeg e202b6e4920248f2aef65d26b023b13f_A.jpeg


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There aren't a lot of people on this forum with hydraulic /pneumatic skills. I'm one of the few who does, but I can't help you because:
1. I can't read your pics. They're too blurry.
2. I don't like to waste time helping people who just want answers given to them without any attempt to solve the problem on their own.

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I have attempted to solve the problem but I can't see any major faults.

Like in the pneumatic circuit I can only assume the only fault there is that cylinder B would not be processing as quick as cylinder A due to cylinder A having a flow control valve.......I'm not quite sure why that would be a fault. It doesnt say what they cylinders are actually used for.

And as for the hydraulics I've little knowledge and looking at the drawing I don't quite understand where all these dead end lines go....are they reservoirs?! If they are then that circuit would also work and can't see any fault at all there......


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Yeah scan the papers please, or take a pic with better light. The "dead ends" probably have some letter or number corresponding to other "dead ends", indicating a common line (not drawn).


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Hi, sorry I neglected to reply to this when you posted the scans; I was busy and intended to get back to it but forgot.

I looked over both circuits just now and I cannot find any faults with either. They are designed properly according to my knowledge.

I think what you have there is not a worksheet, but a practical assessment.
I think this is meant to go along with a "Lab" exercise, wherein you have a physical (real) fluid power circuit that you are meant to troubleshoot.
The physical circuit will be purposely assembled incorrectly, and you are meant to use these (correct) drawings to troubleshoot the (incorrectly) assembled fluid circuit.
Then you would identify on the paper where you found the problem in the physical circuit.

If you do not believe me, please have a look here, page 8..
Outcome 4 should be assessed by practical exercises. In these exercises candidates should find, rectify and report at least two constructional and two operational faults in a pneumatic or hydraulic circuit(s).
This is for Pneumatics and Hydraulics (SCQF level 6), correct?
The terminology they use (constructional and operational faults) is very unique. I have not seen faults called those names before, which is why I googled it (to see what they were really looking for) and I found your National Unit Specification.


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As Stantor is correct, you might want to play some "what if" games once you have the operation of the system down pat.

A what if game for a construction fault would be ... "what if xxxxx was installed backwards?" and for the operational part, consider "What if xxxx became defective (lower than normal and zero)?"

Stantor can probably give you a better explanation of the "what if" game with respect to your class than I.