Electical device to press pneumatic valve?

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    Hello fellow allaboutcircuits members, my name is Craig and I work in a mass production facility. With that in mind, i'm asking of you guys the most reliable way to press the pneumatic valve located here, actuated by a momentary foot pedal switch while leaving the valve, not the push button intact.


    The normal operation of the pneumatic valve is as follows:
    Applying light pressure will open valve, 4-ton hydraulic press comes down repeatedly "three times a second' until operator removes hand from valve and spring pressure returns valve to closed position. I ask the most reliable way because if the circuit were to close inadvertently while coworker was in the wrong place at the wrong time, then there would be a liability concern. There is nothing but aluminum machining taking place, the foot pedal will have to be able to withstand abuse as well.
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    well, with that being said, the switch was most likely designed to be the most secure way of making sure that the valve is not inadvertently actuated, and the operator has his hand or body parts out of the way........


    there are ways to add a mechanical feature to it that will not compromise the safety of the operator, if you are talking about a foot actuated pneumatic switch then something like this specifically designed for that kind of stuff may work >> http://www.mcmaster.com/#pneumatic-foot-switch-pedals/=j8yzo9


    You will have to replace the valve assembly itself, with one operated by a solenoid such as these >> http://www.mcmaster.com/#air-solenoid-control-valves/=j8z2f1
    Then you can operate it it with a electrical foot switch.
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    You don't say where your located, but here in the USA the set-up you have would be illegal. A punch press like shown(its not hydraulic, but a flywheel driven press), needs to have a two hand switch. So both hands are out of the way when activated.
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    shortbusbus is absolutely correct. This is a flywheel punch press actuated by a pneumatic clutch.

    Doubley (tell me this ain't a word :rolleyes: )correct.

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