Pls help beginner debug simple astable multivibrator circuit ..#2

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Hi Carl @crutschow

I have been attempting to do the same project with my son. I wa wondering did the use of 470ohm worked to spin the two motors ultimately?

do you have the final circuit diagram? Thanks.


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  1. What is your supply voltage?
  2. Are you trying to drive the motors directly with the flip flop?
  3. What is the current required by the motors?
  4. What isn't working in your circuit? Post a schematic.


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Somehow this is a new thread with no clue as to what the project is, except that it may involve an astable mutivibrator, 2 motors, and a 470 ohm resistor. So a bit of explanation will provide a basis for answers that make some sense and might actually be useful.
Knowing the question always make providing an answer simpler.