please recommend a good high volume pcb supplier


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We have been using these guys are work lately and are quite happy with them..
We get the boards from their China location but always just deal with the local guys in the US
They have gone above and beyond on many occasions..

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HW electronics
several others i can't remember.
most don't have panel/v-score capability.
some with good quality try to rob you on shipping.
some demand TT payment which costs $50 just to process. i prefer paypal, quick and easy.
i prefer china direct, the US suppliers just buy them from china and mark em up.
i used to have a good US maker but they closed shop.


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What do you mean by "high volume" - 1000, 5000, 50 thousand?

[EDIT] - any board house without V-groove scoring capability is Mickey Mouse by today's standards (actually by the standards of at least a decade ago), however metal core is outside of the ability of some good manufacturers.
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