Please help with this equation!!!!

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Ok, Here's my situation...I'm trying to solve this equation but I have no clue what the formula is:

What is the electrical consumption in KVA of the motor powered by a 3 phase 460V supply, drawing 17amps constantly???


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if thats all what you have in " GIVEN " , then i suggest you to apply simple formula for 3-phase systems : S=sqrt(3)*U*I=sqrt(3)*460*17=13,5 kVa
PLEASE! The idea behind the Homework HELP forum is to HELP the poster work their way toward an answer while letting them do most of the work so that they can learn from the process. Please consider the fact that the post has almost certainly see several problems like this worked for them, both in class and in their text. Clearly something about the concepts are not clicking. Why do you think that having you work one more problem for them is going to suddenly change that. If all you want to do is solve people's homework for them, then please go join a board that has a Homework Done For You forum.