Boolean equation, Help please

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    Aug 12, 2011
    i have my project to be pass very soon and i have this equation Y=A'B'C'D'+A'B'C'D+A'B'CD+A'BC'D+A'BCD'+AB'C'D'+AB'CD'+ABC'D'+ABCD';
    Then i have tried to group them in according to there most common terms as possible, then leads me to Y=A'B'C'(D'+D):)+A'B'CD:)+A'B(C'D+CD'):(+B'D'(AC'+AC):)+ABD'(C'+C):);
    after that, i tried to simplify all in parentheses such as D'+D=1,AC'+AC=A,C'+C=1. But then i have some problem with one of the equation which was in the parenthesis like A'B(C'D+CD') in the equation will i then simplify that? can i ask some suggestions on how will i gruop my unsimplified to make it easier to simplify? or is A'B(C'D+CD')=?, can it be simplified? or is it =1 or =0?:confused: Well, i have this software tells me that according to my unsimplified equation, its minimized form should be like this Y=AD'+A'B'D+A'C'D+BCD'+B'C'D'; how will i come up with this? please i realyy need help..i want to pass this subject...
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    Aug 12, 2011
    0 sorry, i just thougth that if i post my question twice with a different tilte, it would be much easier for me to find some one who can answer my question...thanks :)
  4. johncena


    Aug 15, 2010
    A'B(C'D+CD'), can't be simplified in my opinion.

    since (C'D + CD') is a XOR gate

    CD F
    00 0
    01 1
    10 1
    11 0

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    Feb 5, 2010