Please help me on my final year project

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Hello,im a student from Malaysia. So now,im working on my final year project which is to make an automatic cut-off saw using a linear motor. So my question is, is there any controller that can control my linear motor so that it can move step by step? Step by step here means 5-second extend, then stop, 5-second extend and then stop. So the sequence goes on until it finally reaches the sensor and after that, it will retract. If you guys have any suggestions, please help me, I'm very appreciate it as I'm not an expert in this field. Im very sorry if my English is not good, hope you can understand it. Thank You.


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Almost any microcontroller can provide the sequencing you want, when suitably programmed. The Arduino is a popular one, with plenty of online support and code libraries. The code for linear motor control may already be available.


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Are you really talking about a linear motor, or do you mean linear actuator, which uses a normal rotational motor?
Also, for a cut-off saw, presumably you are looking to cut off equal lengths rather than (even slightly) different lengths determined by travel over a fixed time? If it's a linear actuator with a rotational motor, maybe count the rotations rather than running for a fixed time.


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This is a linear actuator and not a linear motor. I suggest that you use a linear actuator which is driven by a stepper motor. This will give you much better control over the lengths of each cut.