Please help me draw a circuit for expression (A + B) * C + A'*B


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- To create A' you need to use a NOT gate.
- To create A'*B you use an AND gate with two inputs
- Finally, use an OR gate for (A + B)*C + A'*B


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You should only post one problem per thread. You will invariably get some posts that are addressing one problem, some posts that are addressing the other, some that are addressing both, and most posts won't indicate which they are addressing. It will become chaos quickly.

To develop a circuit that directly implements a Boolean expression, just evaluate the expression according to rules of Boolean algebra. It can help to use parens to make the ordering explicit until you get comfortable with it. It can also help to define new signals the represent internal signals in the expression. For instance:

F = (A + B)*C + A'*B
F = ((A + B)*C) + ((A')*B)

This is of the form
F = Y + Z
Y = (A + B)*C
Z = (A')*B

Y = X*C
X = A+B

Z = W*B
W = A'

In your logic schematic, you should be able to label the signals that correspond to W, X, Y, and Z.

Your second one appears correct.


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You can post your images directly on the forum. I mention this because the link you included tried to install software on my device and resulted in a popup or two. I am very suspicious of sites that behave in this manner

Where you type your post, look in the lower right corner for the button labelled "Upload a File"...
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Good, clear directions, djfantasi.

You can either insert the full image, or if it is large, insert a thumbnail.
And if it is too large to reasonably view when inserted, it is almost certainly too large to post at all. Most cameras these day produce huge images that are about 100x as large as is needed. You can usually just use Paint (or some similar program) to adjust the picture size to be between 300 and 400 pixels wide and the result will fit nicely in most browsers. If it is a line drawing or similar art, you typically get superior compression using PNG over JPG, but for picture images the reverse is generally true.

Posting images directly in the forum is the much preferred route. Not only does it mean that people don't have to jump through hoops to access your images, but it also means that the images are archived as part of the site instead of relying on some third-party site, which may be here today and gone tomorrow.


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Thank you so much Wbahn . Is this correct ?
You've got a number of problems.

You have two signals in the diagram that are not labeled, including one input signal.

You have three signals, B, Z and W, in the equations that are not in the diagram.

The signal B pretty much has to be the other input to the OR gate.

But W and Z are mysteries. Since you say that W=A', this also implies that A=W' which means that W would be the signal going into the inverter. But the real mystery is the other AND gate because you show a gate with one input and two outputs -- what's up with that?