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    Feb 25, 2015
    I hope im doing this right. Hi guys starting a project. Okay so i just started getting into PLCs. I was talking to a technician from Italy that was giving me advice on a bagging machine. He turned me on to plcs. Now i cant get them out of my head.

    what im trying to do is see if i can get this to work for me. what i have is panebuilder32, WinPFT which i believes transfer the file to a panel i have, and i found some hardware laying around. an Allen-Bradley PanelView 300, and a Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500.

    I want to load a mock program into the panel viewer to see if i can get that to work. And for the Plc i want to see if i can make a program and then load it in. Any one know what i would need for the PLC? I will be taking notes and posting my efforts. I also have pics of the hardware i have. Thank you. Screenshot_2015-03-04-20-15-49[1].png Screenshot_2015-03-04-20-15-40[1].png
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    I still use the RS232 interface unit 1747-PIC, not sure if they came out with a later USB version? Also you also need Logix software for writing and downloading the code.
    AB products have always been expensive, I would have recommended Mitsubishi first, also if you ever need the HMI unit in place of the Panelview, the Maple Sytem products are cheaper.
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    For the panelbuilder32/pv300 you should be able to load the program on a cf card and stick the card in the pv300 and install from card. It would be cheaper than buying whatever archaic proprietary cable AB would sell you. For the ml1500 you're going to have to buy the AB 8pin round serial cable which can be had for $50 last i checked (unless you already have one, looks like theres one plugged in your pic). Note that the propietary AB 8pin round serial connector is not the same as off the shelf 8 pin round connector; an off the shelf connector can be forced into the AB socket but the pinout is incorrect and the PLC can be damaged physically and electrically - don't try it.