Plasma TV Powerboard - Fuse Blew Twice

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Jorge Nunez

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My Samsung TV PS51F5500 has a power board CN07BN4400618ASK28F7B0744.
The stopped working, and, on the power board, a fuse next to the power cord port was fried so I purchased new ones T5AH250V, and installed them.
As soon as I connected the power cord to the power board, a cracking noise produced and the fuse blew. I tried with another fuse, and it blew again.
Can you please help me figure out what's wrong?



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Hi Jorge, its sounds a bit terminal Im afraid, there are no obvious signs of anything damaged on the board. I think your best bet would be to try and find a replacement board.


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1) Any electrolytic caps show leakage or top bulging on board, signs of failure,
possible shorts.

2) I examined your pic of bottom of board for any heat discoloration, you might do same
with magnifying glass. I saw none, but high heat discoloration indicates a part getting
hot. Could be possible failure.

3) While examining board look for any melted solder causing shorts or bridges to
other traces. Do this with a magnifying lens, small slivers of metal can cause
short problems.

4) If you have capacitor esr tester check electrolytics.

5) Discolored components in general, like resistors, check their values.

6) Schematic, hard to come by, of immense value, search for one on
web. Use Copernic search engine, might have luck with it.

Regards, Dana.