PID DC fan control using ssr or 4-20ma

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I want to control the temperature of a charcoal bbq by controlling a fan speed. I did built it using a PID controller. The actual fan (120v) speed is controlled using an ssr. Work great, but.... it is overkill. Two much air, i need a smaller fan. A 12v oc fan should be fine

To my understanding, my pid controller output is either pulsed output for an ssr relay or 4-20ma. The ssr won't work to control a dc fan. How can I create or use to control a dc fan (0.5W) using either 4-20ma or input from the ssr (the output of my PID controller)

Hope I'clear. English is not my first language and my electronics experience us getting old.


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When your controller (PID) is two wire active you need a simple transistor circuit (current amplifier ).
Make sure that the first 4mA are under the conducting threshold.

fan 0,5 W I assume 12V max current 0,5/12 amp 40mA approx nearly any transistor will do.