PIC16F18446 Curiosity LPC Board no longer running program

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Been using microchip's LPC (low pin count) curiosity board that came with a PIC16F18446. Out of the blue my program does not seem to be uploading to the pic and I'm greeted with the following under the PKob4 tab:

Transmission on endpoint 2 failed

Failed to get Device ID. Please make sure the target device is attached and try the operation again.
Connection Failed.
Transmission on endpoint 2 failed

I'm using MPLAB X IDE v5.40 and the curiosity board's on board programmer (PKoB4) as the programmer. My program is not the issue as I have been uploading to this pic and board many times working on a project. I'm absolutely baffled as to why this is happening and must fix it as soon as possible. Can anyone help?


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Assuming that you haven't smoked the board try this:
Be sure the USB cable is good and the power LED is on.
Disconnect the LPC board.
In Project Properties, select another USB debugger like PICKit 2, 3 or RealICE.
Click Apply and close the window.
Click Debug Start to rebuild and make it look for a different device. It won't find one.
In Project Properties reselect the LPC debugger.
Click Apply
Reconnect the LPC board.
It should find it and be ready to go.

I don't know if that will solve your specific problem. It is a shotgun approach that I have used in earlier versions to force it to look for another USB driver then reload the one you want.

FWIW Ver 5.40 is a big change from earlier MPLABX. There may be bugs we don't know about. I did bring up 5.40 with the Curiosity LPC and it found it when I selected it as the debugging tool. I normally use 5.10 with the older PKOB.
Make sure MCLR is high on the target chip and that you have left Low Voltage Programming enabled in the config bits.
Sorry I don't have more for you.
Good luck!
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