Philips smartClean JC5106

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Hello everybody. I have a Philips smartClean JC5106 that broke down. I could of course buy a new one, but I want to learn electronics, so I want to fix this, I love mysteries :)

From the beginning I think the motor FK-180SH-10400 that soak the shaver with fluid burnt down because of bad quality motor from China (again I am guessing).
I ordered a new motor and replaced it, but probably something else burnt out in the circuit. But I do have 1.588 voltage now from the microprocessor when the motor should be running to a what I think is a FET transistor, but I am not sure, I haven't found anything searching for a SMD component called N2GSA. But I assume it is a JFET transistor, so I ordered FDV303N and assumed it will be working. But it doesn't, I think the schematics is very simple, but I cannot get it to work , can you help me?

I attach pictures of the board and the circuit:


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I can explain more: When everything is working as it should, the motor should run for a few seconds and have a pauses maybe 30 second, this during maybe about 30 minutes. I can hear the motor starts humming when the voltage at the gate is 1.588V, but it doesn't start running, when it is pausing the voltage is near 0V at the gate.

When I put a 1.5V battery between gate and source, the motor starts running as it should.

It seems like the voltage is enough, but not the current (as I understand the FET Gate only needs 0.65 to 1V ) so maybe the current from the micro-controller isn't enough? Maybe the micro-controller is damaged? But couldn't I use the 1.588V in someway to activate the FET transistor anyway? With maybe another transistor that gives enough current?

Here is the specs for the FDV303N:


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Maybe, but there are multiple facets to the situation.

Consider the title of your thread. Is it the sort of title that will draw participants in -- perhaps not. If you don't know what a JC5106 is, it would be an easy thread to ignore. A more descriptive title might go a long way toward generating interest.

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