Phase to phase voltage 415V AC, 50hz to adc channel.

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Ravi Kumar 2

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Hello sir,
i want to read AC phase to phase voltage (i.e. between R Phase & Y phase) for microcontroller project.
How can i convert it to lower voltage by voltage divider method to low voltage, so that i can amplify with opamp.
waiting for your support.

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Ravi Kumar 2

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i have attached image, will it work, or any suggestion to modify it.

Mod edit: the image showed a non-isolated connection to 240VAC. Unsafe and not permitted on AAC.
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You still have your circuit connected directly to the mains, wich is not allowed on this site.
Better look for an isolated sulution like the ISO122 or ISO124 isolation opamp.




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Your concept as shown is not safe and is not permitted on AAC. The reason is that a simple component failure could expose unwary users to hazardous voltages. As @GopherT suggests, a 3 phaze transformer would satisfy our requirements as well as safe and sane engineering principles. There may be other approaches (opto, IsoAmplifiers etc.) but this one won't fly and I have deleted the diagram so that we can keep the thread open and members can provide additional help.

Short answer: isolate your signals from the direct line to continue.
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As mentioned already, but a 1PH transformer off of 415v to low voltage secondary.
No 3ph transformer required or needed.

Incidentally the citing of site violation policy seems rather arbitrary.
There have been quite a few posts today on repairing mains operated equipment with nary a mention of violation.