Pc's CPU usage when using Capture 16.3

Discussion in 'Computing and Networks' started by d19b, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Dec 18, 2015
    Hi everyone,

    I'm working with Capture and Pspice 16.3 and I have had a little problem since the first time I have used them on my pc: when I open the tool Orcad Capture I have to wait 2/3 minutes of loading before I can begin using it. This would not be a real problem but I have also noticed that during the time of loading the cpu usage of my computer gradually grow until 100% and it remains at that top value during all the time I work with it and even when I close it. So the duration of the battery (even when full) decreas to about 55 minutes and the speed of usage becomes unacceptable. Then I can obtain an accetable usage back only if I reboot the computer (without opening Orcad again of course). I know maybe this would be an issue only partially linked with Orcad properties, but however anyone has a suggestion about how I can use these tools without keeping the computer to the highest performances for such a long time?

    Thank you.
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    Nov 5, 2010
    I've got Capture 16.0 and I just migrated from Windows 7 (64bit) to Windows 10.

    It worked OK in Windows 7, and at first in Windows 10 it was taking a long time to load but still worked. After a week now, it just hangs on load with the progress wheel and crashes after several minutes without ever being active.

    One thing I saw in an old forum was someone went into C:\Program Files (x86)\OrCAD_16.0\tools\bin and renamed cdsMsgServer.exe and cdsNameServer.exe (I tried this and just added a ".old" extension). This cured my high CPU pegging, but it didn't help my long startup time or hang/crash.

    d19b, let me know if you ever found another solution to your CPU usage problem, or give this rename thing a try and see if it works for you. Let me know how you fare.


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    Feb 19, 2010
    Just a WAG. How big is your page file set to?