Issue - USB powered GSM Modem's Audio Out to PC's MicI am trying to record audio from

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I am trying to record audio from the Usb powered GSM Modem's Audio Out Pin using my PC. I have used a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack feeding Modem's Audio to the PC Mic interface. But I am hearing the EMI noise that usually generated when you bring your mobile in a call to an unsheilded speaker system.
The system works well when I attach my mobile handset to the 2.5mm end of the audio adaptor and I am able to record clear audio. The issue arises when I use the gsm modem which is powered from the same PC and feed its audio to the PC Line In or the Mic. The modem I am using is Samba 55. The last image is the adapter connected to the mobile phone, works well and i am able to record clear sound. Can any one suggest how can i remove the EMI noise?



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I've done about everything I can think of, but cannot stop my speakers from making the buzz-click-humm (sort of like old modem sounds) on my amplifier for PC speakers. I thought it was cheap amplified speakers making the noise, so I bought a complete 5.1 system with receiver for the PC.

I still need to move the receiver at least 4 feet away to keep the buzz away. :(