programming pocket pc's

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I have various Ipaq's, I have picked them up very cheap on ebay over the last 2 years.
I am doing a very large project based on my dads commercial incubator project, commercial in the sense that he used them for the farm, I am now doing one that is next generation :D, long story as to why and not important.
anyway. I wanted to use the Ipaq's for data logging and changing eeprom settings etc, they are not connected full time, and they are not needed to actualy run the incubator/hatcher. for the OS they have windows CE,pocket pc 2002 and pocket pc 2003.
What I am after is some information on what I need to program them, I am learning VC#, I have access to Visual Studio (I think its 2010 but not sure), I have downloaded the 2003 SDK and emulator, the laptop with studio on is a xp machine, although I can use mums win 8 laptop or the win 7 64 bit pc.
so far I havnt managed to get the emulator or SDK to work.
does anyone have any tips or a starting point I can use?
Some of the ipaqs are serial port and some usb, I have tried to load linux on two of them but bricked both :( so I am not too keen on going that route :D
many thanks and sorry if information is missing, I have tried to be complete, I have googled alot, but really what would help is talking to people that have done pocket pc programs before, especially any in C#. The important bit is data logging from a pic micro, I will log data to a FRAM chip or SD card (not decided) then want to do a serial connection (preferably) from ipaq to pic and download the data from the fram or sd card, on the pic board to the ipaq. from there the world is my oyster!