PCBnew DRC error

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Knitting top and bottom together will not show up on DRC. Only one via may be necessary to avoid an error. You will see lots of examples in datasheets.

For example, the small new chips will often have their ground planes knitted to a much large area of copper on the bottom. That is for heat transfer. As for electrical, it's not entirely the more the better, but do be generous.
I only have a pour plane at the bottom. So I won't have to knit them do I?


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An isolated pour is a section of the copper pour that is not connected to the rest of the pour. Tracks and pads can cause a piece of the pour to become disconnected by blocking any way to get the connection through. In your case, pouring on the front side causes such a fragment but, since the track layout is different on the back side, pouring on the back side did not.

Stitching vias are not needed when there is a pour or plane only on one layer. If you have pours with the same net (ie. ground pours on front and back) on different layers, the stitching vias connect them together. Having many such vias reduces the length of the path that current has to take when flowing from one side to the other. This helps reduce EMI or noise coupling.