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you did not post schematics. how can we offer suggestions?

your Gerbers show that connections are not very good. components are not aligned (maybe you like it like that) but more importantly connections are not clean. in some places you cross two tracks instead of connecting them. in at least one place it is questionable if there is a connection.

Same goes for edges of the board. Lines in top let corner do not connect.

Not sure how you plan on supporting the board or mounting it anywhere. I like to place mounting holes on corners of every board.

And I am not a fan of Picasso or zig-zag, specially when product is created using CAD but at least that should have no effect on functionality, it is cosmetic.

Very thin traces have their place but this also means contact surface between copper and board is very small. Beginner could burn them or get them peel off while soldering. Or in case of mishap with wiring, they can act as fuses and burn... my recommendation is to keep the traces a bit wider... going to smaller traces can be progressive according to your experience and comfort level.


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thanks, what do you mean i did not put any schematics? i use easyEDA, do you have any suggestions about exporting files?


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They call PCB layout "artwork".
And artwork it is because it is a work of art. I take pride in any and everyone of my PCB layouts as a piece of art.
Look over your layout. If it doesn't look pretty then it's not worth doing it.

Are your lines straight?
Are your lines evenly spaced?
Do the corners bend neatly?
Are there any unnecessary bends or vias?
Is there a better way to route a complex track?

Just some simple items on a very long list.

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i have done some pretty complex designs using single sided or two sided boards. but these days PCB price for 2 layer and 6 layer boards is usually the same so one can have more freedom.

Each software will have several editors or viewers. The most important two are schematics and board editor.

Schematics show logical circuit connections. this is an example of schematics:1643501607291.png
this is PCB designed using that schematics
Most software also allows you to inspect design in 3D view. This is good to check for appearance, clearances etc.


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I once forgot to delete a trace that happened to be hidden under a silkscreen overlay line; that kind of thing shows up like a sore thumb if all the other layers are turned off.
It's good to keep all polarized components in a consistent orientation; it looks nicer and makes stuffing and checking easier.