Part identification - datasheet required

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Hi Guys and Gals, new to the forum!

I'm trying to identify and source a datasheet for an IC. It's a small 28pin Square IC.

Part number reads exactly as:


There is an underscore underneath the capital B.

There is a dot before the top line of A708 (Possibly to denote pin 1 on the chip?).

The camera on my phone isn't the best (Iphone SE), but it's the square chip in the middle of the board in the photo.



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I cant find any info from the numbers you listed, at a guess i would say it was a micro-controller. Probably a QFN package.


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The picture isn't at all helpful. This is what we see:

What sort of device is this used in? Why do you want to know what it is?

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It would help if you told us what is the unit and the make and model of the unit.
It's a holden car remote programmer.

The board has a tiny 6 pin header (smaller than normal), I'm after a datasheet to that chip so I can understand how I can go about connecting a programmer up to it.

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Microchip have come back and say the chip is an "ATMega88a", they even gave me a file to help identify their chips along with atmel chips.

Full statement below:

From what I checked the device you mentioned is ATmega88A (28 pin VQFN package).
You can see this marking in the PCN page 23, last line (24/28 VQFN 4x4MM): marking guideline_part1.pdf
A quick google brings up the datasheet.

Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to connect my programmer to it! I've got a TL866 II Plus.

I had to go to my mates crib who had a decent camera with the ability to focus on that chip, pictures are attached.



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who had a decent camera
at the past job we had to make the product images for our sales database . . . it may be also the cam . . . but we got 3x 250W spotlights and you still got some nasty shadows and or high contrast in between light and dark areas . . . usually made over 20 pics of which then 2 or 3 came out suitable
. . . you need a lot of light and guess/trial out the right relative camera angle to those lights - best images come on a clear mid-day taken outside at natural sunlight

??? quick Gooleing Photography/PhotoHints.html

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??? quick Gooleing
A quick google of "atmega88" brought up a datasheet.

I'll have to confirm that is the correct datasheet though, looking at the datasheet, pin 3 is Vcc, the circuit board trace has this pin going through a capacitor and then to the signal ground of the obdII port... :confused:


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What are you trying to do?
MCUs are programmed at the OEM factory and most likely code protected so that you cannot read the code.