Paris attacks

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Death toll at over 100 and they are speculating a good number sometime tomorrow.

The families who lost loved ones need a special place in your prayers.

Glenn Holland

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No surprise there was another attack.

There have been LOTS of protests in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK against the government bringing in 100s of 1000s of Syrian "Refugees" who are suspected of really being ISIL operatives. However, the government lap dog news media has kept quiet and all out of sight.

Just go to YouTube and search for "Anti-Refugee Protests In Germany And Sweden".

Thank Gawd for the Internet so we now have access to the truth instead of relying on the government/corporate butt kissing, yes manning, sycophant news media. :mad:
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there is also this:

Another good question is - who are the people coming?

When WWI was over, everyone knew that there will be WWII.

What is happening now is a culmination of a process that started a long time ago. The players have not changed, the people and their ambitions are still the same, the level of humanity and empathy has actually dropped (in my opinion) and (proportionally speaking) we have become more stupid as we let technology decide many things for us (this also why I see a loss in empathy to fellow human beings). Can anyone predict where this leads?


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We have atleast one active forum member from Paris. I don't remember his/hers username.

I wonder ...
One of my very best friends (who's also godfather to my daughter) is in Paris too... along with his entire family (children and grandparents) ... all of my prayers go to France at this moment
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