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Hi all

I’m hoping for some help please.

My late father was a keen collector of all kinds of electrical equipment but with a special interest in oscilloscopes. He had a collection of around 100.

My issue is that as I am trying to sell these items on, I am not clear on how I identify 1. Whether the oscilloscope is actually working (complete novice over here!) and 2. What some of the accessories I’m finding actually are.

For example I have found a number of these leads that appear brand new with the Tektronix brand on it but I don’t know what these are to be able to sell them?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.



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The cable in your photograph looks a lot like it would be for connecting a logic analyzer to a circuit under test. All the separate wires go to points of interest in the circuit.
When new these cables can cost hundreds of U.S. dollars. Used becomes a problem of matching up the supply with the market.


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Of course, if you have the logic analyser to go with the probes then that's much more valuable!

Re testing oscilloscopes: Most 'scopes have a 'calibration' output; it often looks like a hook, as shown in the picture.

This site explains how to use it to test the scope. 'Scopes are much easier to sell if the calibration waveform is on the screen.

Where abouts are you? Your local MakerSpace or Tech college may have someone who can help you.