Opto switching to replace mechanical button

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I have a battery operated circuit that is triggered by a mechanical push button. What optical component could I use that when I cover it with my figure it triggers a mosfet. 4.2 v battery.
Want an optical button I guess.
The push button triggers the mosfet which switches a large resistive load. Nice to change the mechanical button to a touch sensor or ir sensor
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Post a schematic of how the mechanical switch triggers your circuit so we don't have to play 20 questions.


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You may want something along the lines of this

Basic Optocoupler NPN circuit.png

...which was taken from a Lewis Loflin video on Opto circuits which you can watch here....

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You could use a voltage divider consisting of a light dependent resistor (LDR/photocell/photoresistor) and resistor on the gate of the N channel MOSFET.

For more abrupt switching action and/or hysteresis, you could add a comparator.