Options for a holiday trip.

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Okay, you have a pregnant wife and say, where should we go for a Holiday to get away.
How about a hiking trip in Northern Afghanistan?.
I have absolutely no sympathy!
Re: Joshua Boyle and Fam.
Her father echoed the same reasoning.


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Yeah, I read about their little escapade.

All I can think is that old saying, "Life is difficult; being stupid just makes it MORE difficult."


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I have absolutely no sympathy!
Actions have consequences, and I'd say it's not yet over for these knuckleheads. Living happily ever after seems unlikely.

As for sympathy, it's a tough call without knowing more of the story. They could be a couple of <80 IQ misfits that somehow found each other and made the worst travel plans ever.


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I don't get it either. The bicycle touring crowd is really odd in that way too. They will tour in some awfully dangerous places. I can understand if you goal of going around the world. You don't have many options in a lot of cases. But some people actually choose to tour in those regions. So many other beautiful places to tour in the world that are very safe.

One family used to blog. They had their small children on the tour and would leave them alone at camp while the parents ran errands. Totally irresponsible.

There is another family, I am not sure if they tour internationally or not but they are just as irresponsible. They have a 4 place bicycle pulling one of those kiddie tag along bikes. Attached to that is a baby trailer where they haul their infant. The length of that whole thing must be huge. No way can you control it properly.