Optical Fiber Question

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If receiver is a transimpedance amplifier with an open loop gain of 200 and the average amplifier noise current is 2.7 pA/
Hz^0.5. The input resistance of the amplifier is 27 kΩ and the feedback resistance is 56 kΩ. The junction capacitance of the photodiode is 10 pF. Determine the photocurrent for the diode to maintain the required SNR of 50dB.

Ive used the formula B = G/(2*pi*Rf*C) to get the value of B, but I am unsure how to get Ip. I see the formula - Ip = (2*e*I*B)^0.5 , but not sure if this is the correct formula? How do I test if the satisfies my SNR value?