OP-AMPS Rectangular and Triangular


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For best functioning of the circuit, I mean.
You don't understand that qualitative definitions are useless in this context. What @Alec_t is trying to say, is that you need to come up with quantitative definition of "best". Yes, that means you need some numbers. Coming up with numbers is hard when you are just starting to learn what you are doing, but give it a try because it is the only path to success. It is the only way to measure your progress.


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What frequencies and amplitude do you want out?
What power supply voltage(s) are available?

In lieu of actual information the default answer is LM358 or TL072 for most of the audio range.


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Which are the best op-amps models for rectangulare and triangular generators ?
This question is so vague it is impossible to answer. And "best functioning of the circuit" isn't any improvement.

A part that is "best" for one application may be entirely useless for another, different application. It all depends on the specific performance requirements, such as:
  • cost
  • operating voltage range
  • output voltage(s) required
  • maximum allowable current consumption
  • range of frequencies to be produced
  • frequency accuracy and stability
  • the operating environment
  • required triangle linearity
  • required square wave rise/fall time
  • temperature stability
  • output voltage accuracy and stability
  • any unique characteristics needed
  • lots of other things
You need to look at all these and figure out what op amp characteristics will be important for your application, then start looking through data sheets, selection guides, etc. to find likely candidates. It's a laborious process, one that cannot be abbreviated by someone telling you what the "best" choice would be.

That said, you might want to read through this thread in which many of the people here discussed which op amps they like to use, and why. It might give you some ideas.

Good luck.