Op Amp voltage limits

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Hi there,

This might be a fairly simple question, not sure.

I am using a TL082 and trying to amplify a voltage of about 150mV to a whopping 3-3.5V.

I initially had the circuit hooked up to two 9V batteries and everything worked more or less as expected.

I now have it instead connected to two 3V watch batteries. and I cant seem to get above 2 Volts. are these batteries not acting in series? Using circuit diagram below.


I know i cant get more than the input voltage but is that 3 or 6 in this case? If it is 3 that makes sense that i cant get more than that.


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The TL082 isn't even going to operate off a mere ±3 volt supply; ±5 volts is about as low as it will go, and in this circuit you really need way more than that if you want to get up to 3.5 volts out of it.

Read the TL082 data sheet. Pay particular attention to the information in the DC Electrical Characteristics table on page 3.

If you don't know what the terms mean, then learn what they mean; doing so will save you any more aimless flailing around without any understanding of what you're doing.
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