Op amp gain montage with diode feedback

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Just imagine this, a non inverting montage with a couple diodes feeding back. I get how it works, it will amplify the signal until a certain point, at which it will just pass with no gain, creating a distorion (ovedrive, called in the 'guitar world'). I just want to know if I got this right. Being v+ = v-, we are basically comparing the output with the input, when the output is 0.7 V bigger than the input, it activates the diodes, and the signal passes through unchanged (without gain).

Or better yet, the output follows the input voltage, as a transistor in saturation mode.
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Below are the LTspice simulations of the circuit for 0.3V and 2V peak inputs.
Is that what you expected?

upload_2017-10-3_20-27-1.png upload_2017-10-3_19-57-5.png
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