Omcron 6-pin Relay connections

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Erin Martin

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I'm using Omcron G2RL-1A-E-HA DC12 relay but I can't seem to find how to connect all 6 pins. My understanding is Pin 1 & 8 are the coils (no polarity) for the 12VDC and it looks like Pin 4 is where I'd attach +VAC with Pin 3 (NO) being connected to my load. One of my advisors suggested adding a trace between Pins 3 & 6 and another between Pins 4 & 5 to distribute the current. Would this be correct?



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Pin 3 is the same as 6.
Pin 4 is the same as 5.
On a PCB I could connect 3 to 6 and 4 to 5 just in case the solder joint was not good.


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G2R is a very common relay - lots of manufacturers make it. I suggest you take one apart (They are cheap, less than £1, so it is a worthwhile investment for the knowledge gained). Then it is no longer a mystery box with a switch in it, it is a coil, a lever and some contacts. You will see how it is made and why the pins are where they are.