Old lamp switch repair and identification

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I’m brand new to this so please forgive me.

With plenty of time now on my hands I have decided to fix a lamp that’s been sitting around.

The switch is broken so I bought a new one that illuminated because... why not. It works but is about two millimetres too long and probably a mm too narrow for the panel. The final problem is the depth of the new switch, it’s too deep.

For the life of me I can’t find a switch that will fit the hole perfectly. The hole measures 12 x 24mm. Judging by the old switch it can’t really be any deeper than about 15mm.

I’ve attached some images. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Ideally I would like a light up switch!72515596-28CD-492F-93FD-F3F9B5339B36.jpeg5AB9C4C7-BFB7-4A96-A55E-802A81BC8A9C.jpeg609399EE-3A0D-4304-BD96-EE9A1AC59425.jpeg34859CDF-11B9-430A-ABB5-28E745B6B087.jpegCF12C45C-AF4F-4516-9682-A5F24CF7FDA2.jpeg

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To make the new switch fit, you could mount it on a rectangle of thick plastic and crazy glue it over the hole. The hole will need to be elongated to take the switch.

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i would get step drill and open up that hole so switch can fit, then machine or 3D print adapter. adapter does not need to be flush with the lamp body, can be made with raised face and thus fix the depth issue.

something like this:

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or even simpler, don't make own adapter, use of the shelf hole plug for conduits or electrical enclosures. they will come painted to closely match what you alreay have. then you can mount whatever switch you like in it



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I see. The illuminated switches usually work so the illumination is on when the switch is on. Can you wire them so that the illumination is on when the switch is off?
I would have said an illuminated switch is off when the switch is on. We must have used different switches.