Old Broken Treadmill : is it possible to use another motor / control board?

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I am overseas. And my old treadmill broke. There is no original replacement for the motor. And a new treadmill in my country is 3 times the cost of a new one in the US.

I have a friend who can get me a new treadmill from Weslo in the US, strip the motor and the board, and send it to me.

If it fits the old model, can switching/changing the motor and the control board work?

Or if I only need to get a new motor alone, how do I pick one? Yeah. I know nothing of mechanics. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


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The motor is a little more flexible to swap than any control board, even different models in the same series, for example, MC2100 versions all have some slight variation.
IOW the boards are made T.M. model-specific.