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Hi All!
I am trying to retrofit a toy crane.
I want to totally remove the 6 foot wire that it needs to move certain elements of the crane and replace the wired part with a wireless system.
I am thinking, I need at least 2 wireless channel for the 2 functions on the crane ( lifting a bucket and moving the bucket horizontally). A stock image is shown below.

Would you guys know of a store that sells the transmitter and receiver modules for such a project?
I dont want to get involved in building my own transmitter and receiver. I am looking for an off the shelf solution.

Thanks for the replies!

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I think that when somebody wants a radio controlled toy then they buy one. Nobody adds a radio system to a toy that does not have radio control so no transmitter and receiver set is sold.

Maybe you can buy a replacement transmitter and replacement receiver then guess what servo can be added to do what you want.


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Remember that those wires also likely supply the power to the crane motors. So how are you going to power them, with batteries? If so, you need to see what voltages you need for the crane motors and what current draw they have. Only then can you consider any remote control. Also, the remote control receiver will need a power supply, hopefully it will match the crane motor voltages. If not, then you need some electronics (buck-boost converter) to power the receiver.


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There is a four channel key fob version on ebay, 234061973014 for less than $20.00
PS: Or even $3.00 !
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