Number guessing circuit.

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Charles Niccolo Ambalada

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I need help in creating this circuit. It was given as my final year project for my foundation in electrical and electronic engineering by my lecturer. Every component seems to work perfectly fine especially when it is tested in sub circuits. The problem arises when I try to simulate the whole circuit the LEDs which each represent a number from one to sixteen just continuously switch on and off. I have attached the circuit diagram from which I am to recreate the circuit from. The circuit diagram is on page 3 and the components list is on page 4. The transformer, 230 A.C power source, IC6 , C3, C4, D17 and D18 are not going to be used as a powered bread board will be used as the power source.



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Since this is similar to homework, expect to be asked to do most of the work.

What are you using to simulate the circuit?

What is the frequency for CLK?

Schematic (minus power supply) for anyone else reading this thread:


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With all of the switches in their center positions, what frequencies should you measure on the inputs of the multiplexer? And what do you measure?

Post your schematic. One of the problems I've experienced with that program is that some things that look like they're connected aren't...