Noise in radio when using lights/appliances

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Oops - premature posting. Give me a minute.

So I listen to AM/FM and have all kinds of problems with static when I turn on the light where the radio is plugged in (same outlet). Also, the vanity light across the house (different circuit) causes havok on the radio as well, with the intensity of the static linked to the brightness of the light.

I've taken apart many computer ATX PSU's and ther is a little filter device/board where the AC power cord plugs in. I was wondering if something like this would clean up this problem or what other solutions might be helpful?

This static/noise does not effect the radio when I switch to CD mode, so it seems like RF interference.

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Where is the antenna with respect to powerlines? What types of lights are you talking about? Incandescent? LED? CFL?

When did the problem start? What changed?


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The EMI filters from the power supplies might help if you place them at the source of the noise -for example, right at the dimmer for the vanity lights. You might need to put one between the power line and the dimmer and one between the dimmer and the lights if it turns out that the lights are radiating too much RF noise.

A similar treatment might work for the other light.

Below is a link to a Google search that might give you some other good ideas.