Radio makes strange noise when playing on Batteries

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I've got this radio which plays perfectly fine when powered from AC.
But when powered from batteries it usually plays fine for a while and then starts making these noises:

(I'm not turning any knobs or pushing buttons, just leaving it on. It makes these noises on all stations, regardless of where I turn the frequency knob)

It's not as loud on batteries as when powered from AC with the knob set to the same loudness, too.
It takes 4 AA batteries.

This radio belongs to an old grandpa.
He wasn't using it in the winter and it seems the radio was left sitting outside in the cold (up to minus 15 - minus 20 C) for a few months. It wasn't sitting in the rain, though.

One battery contact on the radio (the one where the positive of one battery is connected to) wasn't making a good contact, so I melted a bit of solder on it to 'restore' its conductivity. This is the only flaw I could find.

So, anyone got any idea on why it's behaving like this?


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Sitting outside in the cold could have damaged a power bypass capacitor, which can be the cause if the squegging in Radio Noise 2.

Look for swollen or leaky electrolytic capacitors or just put a large electrolytic (discharge first) across the output of the battery pack for a quick check.