2n2222 Transistor Radio from white noise generator. problem with grounding.

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I was trying to build a white noise generator i found online consisting of two 2n2222 transistors. after finishing the schematic ,which resulted in a non working circuit , i touched the log of a capacitor which immediately gave a strong signal on the output. after messing around a littile i realised that with an antenna i had in hand a tuned radio frequency receiver tuned on around 93.7~~ MHz

The only problem is that when i modified the circuit as i am showing in red in the schematic attached , the signal was not constant and i had to touch the inductor with one hand the and antenna with the other hand.

can anyone guide me ?

the vide below should also help in my explenation.




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Sit on a chair and get your feet up off the floor to make yourself a better antenna. Wet both fingers slightly for better contact.