Node-PAD: A full Node-Red implementation for iPadOS!

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If you use Node-RED† and an iPad, for two bucks you can get a fully functional Node-RED implementation for your tabletop the App Store.

(†If you don't, you should look into it, it's pretty slick and very useful.)


I hadn't seen this before, but after downloading and playing with it for a while I'm impressed. It offers all the functionality of a normal Node-RED installation, including the httpd to run the UI. It has preinstalled modules specific to the iPad/iPhone (yes, it will run on iOS!) like gyroscope and system information making integration with the device possible.

While some of the controls, like palette management, are in different spots, it's not hard to work out if you are familiar with Node-RED. It's not perfect, and I've just started to work with it so some of the apparently buggy bits might be partially my ignorance. But, for example, the "restart flows" function returns an error though the deploy button operates flawlessly.

The httpd on :1880 is accessible by other devices via Bonjour (mDNS) so <device-name>.local:1880/ui will get you the dashboard you've built, or leaving off the path will actually get you the IDE.

Overall, even if you only used it to learn Node-RED or play with new modules, the $1.99 is a bargain. Very nicely done.

If you are an Android user, this is available on the Play Store. I haven't used it, so I can't vouch for it. It's a little more expensive at $4.49 but if it is like Node-PAD it's worth it. If I get a chance I'll install it on an Android tablet and give it a go.