No spark in mosquito racket

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A relative had given this racket to me repair.

P. S i am affilitated to this link or site.

I followed so many videos and got few replies from the video makers.
Initially their was a very little spark and the transistor was more heating. I replaced this with another transistor d882 due to no availability of kehe 9 but it didn't worked.
I asked another youtuber and he said 2kv but this also not worked.
I am thinking the transformer is at fault.
Can u tell me how to test and find the deaded component.
I have started all these things in lockdown because of boring.


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I would be checking the HV capacitors & diodes on the secondary side first. This is the circuit of the one i have.BUG ZAPPER CICUIT.JPGBUG ZAPPER.3.JPG